Cote and Son Guide Service Gray, Maine

Get READY for the
hunt of a LIFETIME.

When it comes to hunting Black Bears, Maine offers a high concentration of bears
which in turn leads to a very exciting hunting adventure with a high rate of success.
Whether you choose to hunt over our active bear bait sites or opt for the excitement
and adrenaline of a hunt with our top notch bear dogs, I guarantee it will be a hunt
you will never forget. It's a experience that keeps you coming back for more.

We also offer guided hunts for turkey, deer, moose (permit only),
snowshoe hare, upland bird and bobcat

**License Information**

Hunters are responsible for their own license fees. Please be prepared to show proof
of a previous license or proof of completion of a hunters safety course. All hunters
will be required to show proof of a valid license with the balance of Cote & Son Guide
Service fees upon check in.

For current license fees and laws visit the Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.
Cote & Son Guide Service
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